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KLWT IDPs Relief
 KLWT Shelter Program

This Program is a community based program .The focus of

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 this program is to provide aid to survivors of the earthquake in shape of Tents, CGI sheets and Rebuilt tool kits for Winterized Shelters.   

Tentage Shelter

KLWT Provided Tentage shelters in the following Areas

  • Jabba Tented village, Balakot (NWFP)
  • Batgram (NWFP)
  • Bagh (AJK)
  • Village Garrhi Dupatta, Jawa Jhelum Valley (AJK)
  • Village Nauseri, Neelum Valley (AJK)

So far KLWT directly purchased 850 Tents to provide shelter for 6800 people

Winterized Shelter (CGI sheets Roofing)

This program is designed to provide shelter and tool kits to the victims of earthquake.
Our Plan is to provide one ‘warm room’ per family unit, just to protect the locals from the harsh weather.

Winter has arrived, and the expected snow, rain and low temperatures threaten the safety, health and lives of those affected by the earthquake. KLWT is now moving to winterize the shelters by providing:

CGI Sheeting (One warm room per family)
Self-build Tool Kits
Insulation Materials
Heating Elements

This Program is a community based program which will InshaAllah be successful with the help and support of local community. There are four respected senior people from the community working along with KLWT staff in each of the project areas.

Our priority for humanitarian assistance is to serve the most vulnerable (including women, children, people with disabilities and the elderly) based upon this formula we are collecting the data. This will be continuing Phase wise (50 Shelters per Phase).

People living at high altitudes still need assistance. There is an urgent need to work throughout the winter .Ongoing assessment and monitoring of the situation to continue to identify gaps and the needs of the target population as the winter progresses is also very important. The remoteness of the affected areas and Pakistani cultural differences require more data collection about the needs and requirements of the people. In order to collect the data, we send our team to the areas who gathered the required information. Our goal is to provide shelter to as many needy & deserving people as we can.

For those who want to donate some shelters to the poor and needy victims of earthquake, the cost of each shelter is around PKRs 18, 000 (USD 300, GBP 170).

KLWT Shelter Program is in progress in the following areas.

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