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Bhunja Visit Report

April 23, 2007


Task: Transitional Schools setup at Bhunja Schools.


Team Leader: Zahid Jamil Malik, Project Coordinator - KLWT

Members: Abdul Rauf, Adnan Iftikhar, Nafees Ahmad, Muhammad Zeeshan.



KLWT is working on various rehabilitation and reconstruction projects in the earthquake affected areas for the local community.

KLWT penetrated its efforts especially in the education sector by starting the establishment of three transitional schools in May last year. This programme was initiated with the intention of providing quality education and basic facilities to the students of Government High School, Government Boys Primary School and Government Girls Primary School at village Sehri Bagh - Bhunja Valley, Union Council Kawai, Tehsil Balakot District Mansehra - NWFP.


KLWT has signed an MoU with Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) to establish and reconstruct these schools.

Transitional Schools arrangements:

Due to heavy rains, snowfall and continuous land slides during the winter (Dec 2006 – March 2007), all the roads approaching the valley were closed. This has adverse affects on the transitional structure of the schools.


KLWT planned to make the schools operational by fixing the transitional structure again during the official winter vacations but the weather conditions were the biggest impediment against our efforts.

These transitional schools restarted their activities in the mid of March 2007 with out having adequate resources and transitional structure. All the educational activities took place under open air.

KLWT increased its efforts to arrange winterized tents and finally acquired seven tents from UNICEF. These tents were then transported to Village Faridabad on main Kaghan Highway. As roads could not be accessed from Faridabad to the school premises, tents were transported by mules. Local community members and students of high school showed their commitment and participated with zeal and zest in transportation of tents.

The next step was to establish the school setup, for this task klwt finalized a  team of volunteers. Following are the activities carried out by the team.

April 20, 2007

A team comprising of five volunteers left Islamabad for Bhunja on 20 th April 2007 early in the morning and reached their destinations later in the afternoon. After a brief discussion amongst KLWT, community members and school staff, arrangements were made for transitional setup of Govt: High School, Govt: Boys Primary School and Govt: Girls Primary School at Bhunja.

Team member with the help of teachers, community members and students put up one of the tents for GBPS – Bhunja on the same day.

April 21, 2007

Assembling and setting up of the remaining tents for GHS and GBPS were started early in the morning with the help and participation of teachers, community members and students. The team successfully completed their tasks and all tents were setup and operational by the end of that day.


April 22, 2007

The team started its work earlier in the morning and successfully assembled and set up a marquee for the GGPS-Bhunja.


Work deputed to KLWT field staff at Bhunja.

Placement of school furniture ( with the participation of community members and students) according to enrollment of the students per class for each school.

KLWT handed over the transitional school setup (Tents) to the schools Head Teachers for further management and maintenance.

The team left for Islamabad at 3:00 pm after completion of transitional school arrangements.

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