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October 24, 2007
Journalist from South Wales Echo Mr. Gavin Allen & Ms. Gerry Holt visited KLWT from 15 to 24 October, 2007. The main aim was to asses the progress on KLWT school programme at Bhunja valley in District Mansehra, NWFP.
August 30, 2007
Trust for Voluntary Organization (TVO) started its “Health & Hygiene Promotion Program” in KLWT transitional schools at Bhunja.
June 30, 2007
KLWT’s Project Coordinator and members of Bhunja Rabita Committee participated in the annual result announcement ceremonies held at GHS, GBPS and GGPS – Bhunja on 30th June 2007. KLWT also distributed gifts amongst the position holders in all classes in each school.
June 15, 2007
KLWT started the construction work of Govt: Girls Primary School – Bhunja. KLWT is establishing a Girls Primary School for 200 children having six class rooms with separate rooms for the head teacher and staff with watsan facilities.
May 31, 2007
KLWT start its reconstruction phase after the rubble clearance from the site of the three schools and BHU at Bhunja. For this purpose a comprehensive site plan along with layouts and drawings of the buildings were prepared. The plan was discussed in a meeting with the Bhunja Rabita Committee (BRC). In the meeting the owners of the Guzara forest (Bhunja Valley) decided that they will donate/ gift the required timber used for the reconstruction of these buildings.
April 22, 2007
A team comprising of five volunteers left Islamabad for Bhunja on 20th April 2007 and set up transitional arrangement for GHS, GBPS and GGPS – Bhunja in Unicef provided tents and a Marquee.
December 05, 2006
With the start of winter season and heavy snow fall on 3rd December 2006, KLWT’s management with the consent of Parent Teacher Association and Bhunja Rabita Committee decided to close the schools. This heavy snowfall also damaged the Marquees provided by BIRD, SIAN Cymru, Disaster Management Fund – Cardiff -UK and winterized tents provided by UNICEF. All the furniture, fixture and other school items were moved to the KLWT field office at Bhunja till the re-opening of schools.
November 18, 2006.
KLWT distributed jackets amongst the students of GHS, GBPS, GGPS – Bhunja with the start of winter season. This distribution was made through Bhunja Rabita committee (BRC).
On the request of BRC the jackets were also distributed amongst the students of a private school “International Public school – Bhunja” by KLWT. .
November 15 -16, 2006
A two member team of International Rescue Committee (IRC – Recovery Response Unit) – Mansehra visited the KLWT transitional schools at Bhunja. This was Need Assessment visit for future collaboration with KLWT in rehabilitating the earthquake affected community of the Bhunja valley. Team met with project staff and local community members and collected the relevant information.
November 14, 2006
International Rescue Committee (IRC – Recovery Response Unit) – Mansehra donated the recreational items for the playground of schools at Bhunja
October 17, 2006
International Rescue Committee (IRC – Recovery Response Unit) – Mansehra donated the study material and educational kits for the schools at Bhunja.
October 10, 2006
KLWT in coordination with Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Programme – ERP provided the transitional water & sanitation facilities to the schools at Bhunja.
October 07, 2006
KLWT staff and volunteers arrange a community meeting with local elders of Bhunja. The main objective was to discuss future planning for the reconstruction and support from the local community. In this meeting a committee was formed for future coordination. In this Commitee a representative from each village and each school were given membership. The name “Bhunja Rabita Commitee” was decided in this meeting.
2nd September:
KLWT team distributed Uniforms, Shoes, Badges, School shoes and also Unicef Bags and stationary items amongst the students of Boys & Girls Primary School Bhunja.
Ist September:
KLWT team distributed Uniforms, Shoes, Badges, School shoes, Bags and stationary items amongst the students of High school Bhunja.
31st August
Dr. Ayaz khan with two volunteers leave Islamabad for Bhunja. Enroute team visited Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Program (RWSSP) and International Rescue Committee (IRC) offices in Mansehra. Team arrived at Bhunja at 7.00 PM.
26th – 27th August
KLWT team made arrangements for distribution of uniforms and students material at field office at Bhunja.
25th August:
Zahid Jamil Malik, Project Coordinator traveled from KLWT HQ, Islamabad to Bhunja with loaded truck. Enroute in Mansehra received Schools items from Unicef’s store.
24th August:
KLWT team packed the uniforms, Shoes, Badges, Bags and stationary items, School and class vise for each and every student of GHS, GBPS, GGPS – Bhunja.
23rd August:
KLWT collected School uniforms from CHIP for the students of Bhunja Schools
22nd August:
KLWT received a donation of School shoes for the students of Bhunja from SERVIS Shoes Industries, Lahore.
11th August 2006:
KLWT received a donation of School shoes for the students of Bhunja from Mr. Mehfooz Elahi, Islamabad.
1st – 10th August 2006:
A seven member KLWT team leave Islamabad to Bhunja headed by Zahid Jamil Malik, Project Coordinator. The team done following activities:
  • Furniture repair and painting.
  • Class seating arrangements for GHS, GBPS and GGPS – Bhunja.
  • School ground setting for assembly and games.
  • Gardening and painting the garden grills.
  • Coordination with students and teachers to maintain discipline and cleanliness in the classes and school premises.
16th July 2006
KLWT received donation for school uniform from Civil Society Human & Institutional Development Programme (CHIP), Islamabad. CHIP has also assist KLWT in stitching uniform at its Sihala training center, Islamabad.
15th July2006.
KLWT team visit different venders to purchase the clothes and uniform items for GHS, GBPS and GGPS – Bhunja
4th – 10th July 2006
KLWT decided to provide full uniforms (clothes, caps, Badges & shoes) and study materials (Bags, Note books and stationary) to each and every student of the schools at Bhunja. For this data of students were collected by the KLWT Team.
3rd July 2006
KLWT team held and organized the Annual result and prize distribution ceremony for Girls Primary School. Miss Noreen head Teacher arranged the function on the new premises of the school. It was a delightful event with young girls dressed in their best clothes and sparkling eyes and glowing faces who had some happy moments not far from the rubble where many of their school mates had perished last year. Dr Sami Ullah Khan gave away prizes to the position holders. Dr Ayaz spoke to the young students after which the lone school teacher, Miss Noreen, thanked KLWT for providing help to the young boys and girls of the Valley for getting back into studies as the schools of Bhunja Valley are the only schools north of Balakot to be opened.
2nd July 2006
Mr. Marc of Medicine du Mond (MDM) was invited to the KLWT Field Office at Bhunja to coordinate all issues related to medical. Mr. Marc was updated about KLWT’s future plans about the reconstruction of BHU. KLWT team held an important and a historic meeting with elders and the nobles of Bhunja Valley. Representatives of all villages, social workers and community representatives attended this meeting. The faculty members of schools were also present. KLW T Project Director, Dr Ayaz Khan headed the meeting in which three main issues of the ongoing project were addressed. These are:
  • The concerned authorities be asked to ensure complete demarcation of the boundaries of all government buildings and removal of all illegal encroachments.
  • The location of Government Girls Primary School be switched with Government Boys Primary School
  • Basic Health Unit be re-established in Bhunja with full medical facilities.
All attending the meeting then signed a document to be passed on to concerned offices through KLWT for the voice of the people of Bhunja Valley to reach out of the mountains of Kaghan
1st July 2006
Dr Ayaz Khan, Dr Sami Ullah Khan and Jawad Khan made a visit to Bhunja Valley from 1-3 July 2006. The purpose of the visit was to carry out an assessment of the progress of the Schools and Basic Health Unit project and also carry out necessary coordination with all concerned offices On 1 July ,in Mansehra, after Mr Zahid Jamil joined the team from Bhunja, Mr Shahjee, EDO was called upon. This meeting helped in addressing all educational related matters with the EDO. The Meeting in Mansehra with the EDO was followed up with a meeting with the Assistant District Officer - Education ( Mr. Akbar Siddique) showed enroute to Bhunja The next coordination meeting was held on the same day with Mr. Intisar of Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Programme (RWSSP). He was found very forthcoming in extending all possible help in providing water and sanitation facilities to Schools and Basic Health Unit (BHU).
30th June 2006
Prize distribution ceremonies were held in all schools of Bhunja. This marked the first ‘happy event’ for the young boys and girls of the valley post 8 Oct 05. This ceremony was held for the Boys primary and High schools. It was organized by Project Coordinator with the help from two volunteers of University of Edinburgh, Adil and Sam. Prizes were given to the first three position holders in each class
28th June 2006
Head Teachers & Teachers of High, Boys Primary and Girls Primary Schools Prepared the Annual Examination results of the students. KLWT staff & Volunteers made arrangements and packed the gifts for Annual results and prize distribution ceremony at Bhunja.
25th June 2006
KLWT received furniture at Field office – Bhunja, comprising of 100 Desk, 100 Bench for the students of Primary school and 15 sets of office table and chair for the teachers from SIDB, Wood working centre – Mansehra. KLWT purchase these items from donation collected specifically for School Furniture.
15th June 2006
The Annual examination started in High School, Boys Primary School, Girls Primary School in Bhunja
10th June 2006
Two volunteers from Edinburgh University, Mr. Adil Saleem (student of Electrical Engineering) and Mr. Sam (student of Neurobiology) visited Bhunja. The purpose of this visit was to assist KLWT staff and interact with students of Bhunja schools. During this visit the volunteers also made the sketch of the whole area, which would assist in working the architectural aspects of the project.
5th June 2006
Dr. Ayaz Khan and Zahid Jamil Malik attended following meetings at Mansehra:
  • National Commission for Human Development (NCHD).   
  • Executive District Officer (Education).
On the same day the team visited SIDB, Wood Working Centre, Mansehra. The purpose of this visit was to purchase the furniture for schools.  KLWT ordered 100 Desks and 100 Benches for Primary School.   
4th june 2006
A comprehensive meeting was arranged by the staff and volunteers of KLWT, teachers and community members. Many issues related to the future planning of the project were discussed.
3rd June 2006
Project Director Dr. Ayaz Khan, alongwith Dr. Col. Jamil Yusuf and two volunteers Mr. Bilal Khan and Mr. Farhan visited Bhunja Valley. On the same day, the opening ceremony of schools in marquees was organised by teachers, students and community members. This ceremony started with recitation from Holy Quran followed with prayers for better future of the new generation of the Bhunja Valley.
1st june 2006
A team of volunteers comprising 3 members visited Bhunja on request of Mr. Zahid Jamil Malik. The purpose of this visit was to accomplish the errection of remaining 2 marquees including internal partitioning and ground flooring for High School and Primary School in village Sehri Bagh, Bhunja
25th May 2006
To start the educational activities in the school different items were moved by truck from KLWT Islamabad office to Muzaffarabad and in-coordination with UNJLC delivered by helicopter to village Sehri Bagh.
14 th May 2006
KLWT team erected 4 marquees on the specific site for High and Primary Schools.
12th May 2006
KLWT Volunteers Team comprising of 10 members under Dr. Ayaz Khan left Islamabad for Bhunja. The purpose of this visit was to erect the marquees on specific sites cleared of rubble.
11th may 2006
KLWT transported the marquees and other necessary items by helicopter of UNJLC to Bhunja from Muzaffarabad.
1st May 2006
KLWT Team moved to Bhunja valley and started the rubble clearance work at schools site with the laborers.
28 Apr 2006
KLWT signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Earthquake Reconstruction & rehabilitation Authority to establish and reconstruct the High School, Boys Primary School, Girls Primary School and a Basic Health Unit in Village Sehri Bagh, Union Council Kawai, Tehsil Balakot , District Mansehra, NWFP – Pakistan.
11th & 13 Apr 2006
A two days training and familiarization exercise was planned on 11 and 13 April, to erect the marquee tents in E-7 Park, Islamabad. Dr. Ayaz Khan (Project Director) and Zahid Jamil Malik (Project Coordinator) lead a team of volunteers comprising of Rauf, Shakoor, Omer Rashid, Zahid Mehboob, Shahid Malik, Adnan Iftikhar, Zeeshan. Dr. Khan Nawab Khan from SIAN Cymru-Uk witnessed and filmed the activity on behalf of BBC- Wales on Tuesday 11th April. On Thursday, 13 April the exercise was witnessed by Ms Aleema Masud of ITV-Wales who had earlier filmed the marquees leave Wales-Uk for Pakistan.
6th Apr 2006
KLWT received 6 Marquee (Tents) donated by the BIRD, SIAN Cymru, Disaster Management Fund and peoples of Wales-UK. (Marquee Pictures)
5th Apr 2006
KLWT donated school items, materials and stationary for students and tents for the teachers residence for the High and Primary Schools. (View Detail)
28th Mar 2006
 A five member Team of KLWT comprising of Dr. Ayaz Khan, Zahid Jamil Malik, Dr. Col. Jamil Yousaf, Dr. Khan Nawab Khan and Major Jawad Khan visited Bhunja Valley.

That was 3 days Need Assessment Trip to start Schools in Village Sehri Bagh ( Bhunja Valley). In this trip teams met with Community elders, Schools officials, teachers and students and collect the relevant information.
4th Mar 2006
A three member team of KLWT comprising of Dr. Ayaz Khan, Zahid Jamil Malik and Dr. Col. Jamil Yousuf attend a meeting with the head teachers of Bhunja schools and community elders to start tented schools in Bhunja Valley at Mansehra (NWFP).
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