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August 30, 2008



Khanbahadur Lallbibi Welfare Trust (KLWT) has been working in Bhunja valley, Union Council Kawai, Tehsil Balakot, District Mansehra - NWFP in the aftermath of the October 2005 earthquake and provided relief goods (food, clothing and shelter) and medical aid (medicines and medical camps). This immediate response for the earthquake affectees produced a healthy environment, trust and working relationship with the local communities. With the mutual consent of KLWT trustees and local community elders it was decided to work especially in education and health sector.

KLWT initiated the rehabilitation work in May 2006 by the establishment of transitional schools which were completely destroyed by the earthquake. KLWT signed a MoU with Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) for the establishment and reconstruction of the following Schools.

* Government Girls Primary School – Bhunja

* Government High School – Bhunja

* Government Boys Primary School - Bhunja

The schools were initially started in tents and Marquees. KLWT also provided education material and support to all schools. The Schools are still operating in tents




Government Girls Primary School – Bhunja

With the mutual consent of local community elders and KLWT the construction of GGPS – Bhunja was started in July 2007. The construction of school took much time due to natural constrain (heavy rains, land sliding, and snowfall) and communication problems (roads & transportation). After the completion, KLWT inaugurated the school on 30th August, 2008 and now the school is fully operational with the help of KLWT sponsored teachers.







The ceremony was started with the recitation from holly Quraan and Naat e rasool e maqbool (SAW). Mr. Ghulam Dastagir, Chairman Sarhad Development Authority - NWFP formally inaugurated the school by ribbon cutting and raising of Pakistan flag. After that the students of GGPS – Bhunja sang the National anthem.

 KLWT received donations from the peoples of WalesUK for the construction of this school. To honor their generous contribution KLWT invited Mr. Robert Elwyn James and Mr. William Raymond Jones from Wales to participate in the Inauguration ceremony. They raised the Welsh and school flags in the ceremony.







In this ceremony KLWT Patron in Chief along with Deputy Commissioner, Islamabad , Divisional forest Officer, Kaghan and Government officials from concerned departments participated in the ceremony. KLWT sponsors, supporter, guests from different areas and a large number of local community members also participated in the ceremony.

KLWT Program Director presented the project context to the participants. School students performed different plays and shows.

Local Community elders highlighted their local problems they are facing after the earthquake and passed the resolution for the government to take necessary and prompt action on priority basis for the development of the Bhunja Valley .







Awards and certificates:

Mr. Ghulam Dastagir, Chairman Sarhad Development Authority – NWFP distributed awards amongst KLWT staff for their performance during the project.

Mr. Khan Abbas Khan, Patron in Chief – KLWT distributed awards amongst KLWT sponsored teachers and volunteers for their support during the project.

Mr. Robert Elwyn James and Mr. William Raymond Jones distributed certificates and gifts amongst the students of GGPS for their regular achievements in primary education.

Dr. Ayaz Khan, Program Director – KLWT and Zahid Jamil Malik, Project Manager – KLWT presented special awards to Mr. Robert Elwyn James and Mr. William Raymond Jones in recognition of their continued support to KLWT.








The Ceremony ends up with prayers for better future and prosperity. After that lunch was served to the guests.








The Guest from WalesUK spent a night at KLWT Field Office – Bhunja they visited different hamlets of the Bhunja Valley and met with local community members. Next day they visited Kaghan, Naran, Lake lulusar , Lake Saifulmaluk and returned to Islamabad . They had an enriching and emotional experience and went back to the UK on 3rd September.








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